The picture of wooden house between trees

As you step into our log cabins, you’ll instantly feel the warmth of their rustic charm. Crafted from locally sourced timber, these cabins seamlessly blend into the natural environment while exuding a touch of luxurious sophistication. Each cabin boasts a unique design, ensuring an individualized experience for every guest.

Inside, you’ll find a spacious open-plan living area that serves as the perfect gathering spot for family and friends. The gorgeous wooden interiors pay homage to the surrounding forest, creating an inviting atmosphere that instantly puts you at ease. Snuggle up by the crackling fireplace on a chilly evening or sink into the plush furniture, finding solace after a day of exploring.

The picture of wooden house with privat balcony

Prepare delectable meals in the fully equipped kitchenette, complete with modern appliances and all the necessary utensils to unleash your culinary creativity. For those who prefer dining amidst nature’s bounty, the cabins also feature charming outdoor patio areas, perfect for enjoying a morning cup of coffee while listening to the melodies of chirping birds.

When the day’s adventures come to an end, retreat to the cozy bedrooms, where comfort meets tranquility. Luxurious bedding and charming wooden furnishings create an ambiance conducive to a peaceful night’s sleep, ensuring you wake up rejuvenated and ready for another incredible day in the forest.

But the true highlight of our log cabins lies in their breathtaking views. Open the doors to your private balcony, and you’ll be greeted with awe-inspiring vistas of towering trees, glistening lakes, or meandering streams, depending on which cabin you choose. Surrender to the beauty of nature as you soak in a hot tub or enjoy an evening barbecue amidst the enchanting ambiance.

As an added bonus, our recreation center offers an array of outdoor activities to keep you entertained throughout your stay. From hiking and biking trails to fishing and kayaking adventures, there’s never a shortage of exhilarating experiences awaiting you just steps away from your cozy cabin.

Discover the ultimate forest haven at our recreation center, where pristine nature and luxurious log cabins perfectly intertwine. Book your stay today for an unforgettable escape into the forest’s embrace.


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